Ecosystem restoration starts with people, and builds from there. As people, we have a tremendous capacity to do harm. But we also have an amazing ability to generate positive change. The onus is on us all to make that switch and do good in this world!

Reforging Resilient Somali Communities

Somalia Dryland Solutions seeks to build sustainable, drought resilient communities here in Somalia. Working with local people, we seek to restore damaged and degraded landscapes. By restoring our planet's ecosystems we can create diverse, abundant, healthy and productive places that will provide for the needs of people and planet for years to come. By empowering local communities to reclaim the land and work to restore and enhance it, we help give them the tools they need for resilience in the face of climate change and other global and local challenges.

Restoring Somalia's Degraded Ecosystems

On this website, you can learn more about our plans to create an Ecosystem Restoration Camp in Somalia and get involved. You can discover how we are working holistically to integrate human and natural systems and to combat the many challenges faced in Somalia, and globally, today. You can learn more about the amazing steps we can take to combat deforestation, protect watersheds, restore soil, increase biodiversity, and restore food security to restore Somalia's degraded ecosystems, and why it is so vitally important that we do so.

Working Together For Positive Change

Somalia Dryland Solutions seeks to partner with local communities, governmental authorities, and the private sector, as well as with others with an interest in sustainability, ecosystem restoration and positive change around the world. We understand that we must work together if we are to succeed in combatting the immense challenges we all face. We invite you to contact us to explore new ways that we might integrate our efforts.